MATH 2670
Calculus 4 for Engineering
Richard Taylor


Supporting Material

Course outline
Detailed course description, syllabus, and outline of evaluation

Self Study Material During COVID-19 Outbreak

Detailed information about learning, quizzes and exams for the remainder of term as TRU transitions away from face-to-face instruction.
Lecture Notes
Lecture notes introducing the topics we need to cover for the rest of the term, with examples, reading assignments and suggested exercises. These are intentionally brief, and need to be supplemented by the suggested readings from the textbook. These notes are now complete: no new material will be added after 3 April.
I created a YouTube channel with some videos of solved problems and such. I will do as many of these as I have time for. I've had issues with the audio dropping out; let me know if you have any trouble. And please email me with any requests for particular problems!
(Problem 11.2.10) (Problem 11.3.26) (Problem 11.3.29) (Problem 6.2.10)
FINAL EXAM: 20 April 9:00AM PST
The final exam will be posted to the link above on April 20. You will have 4 hours to complete the exam. Write your solutions on your own paper, scan or photograph them, and email them to me by 20 April 1:00PM PST.

Assignments and Exams

Problem sets
(List of assigned problems from text)
Quizzes and assignments with solutions
(quiz 1) (quiz 2) (quiz 3) (quiz 4) (quiz 5) (quiz 6) (quiz 7)
Exam solutions
(midterm #1)
Practice exams from past courses (some with solutions)
(MATH 3170 midterm #1 '13) (MATH 3170 midterm #2 '13) (MATH 3170 final exam '13) (MATH 2240 midterm #1 '10) (MATH 2240 midterm #1 '12) (MATH 2240 midterm #1 '15) (MATH 2240 midterm #2 '10) (MATH 2240 midterm #2 '12) (MATH 2240 midterm #2 '15) (MATH 2240 final exam '10) (MATH 2240 final exam '12) (MATH 2240 final exam '15) (midterm #1 '19) (midterm #2 '19)