Richard Taylor
Assistant Professor
Thompson Rivers University
HL 454
Phone: 250-371-5987

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Teaching (2019/20)

MATH 1230
Calculus 2 for Engineering.
MATH 2110
Calculus 3.
MATH 2650
Calculus 3 for Engineering.
MATH 2670
Calculus 4 for Engineering.
MATH 3160
Differential Equations 2.
PHYS 3200
Advanced Mechanics.
A LaTeX class for TRU theses
If you're using LaTeX to typeset your Honours thesis (you are, aren't you?) then you want this.


Richard's Stuff
My blog, mostly about my work on audio reproduction and acoustics.
R. Taylor, K. Manke and and D.B. (Don) Keele, Jr. Circular-Arc Line Arrays with Amplitude Shading for Constant Directivity.
Preprint of an article published in Journal of the Audio Engineering Society 67(6), 2019.
R. Taylor and D.B. (Don) Keele, Jr. Theory of Constant Directivity Circular-Arc Line Arrays
Preprint of a paper presented at the 143rd Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, New York, Oct. 2017.
R. Taylor, K. Manke and D.B. (Don) Keele, Jr. Constant Directivity Circular-Arc Line Arrays of Dipole Elements
Preprint of a paper presented at the 143rd Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, New York, Oct. 2017.
K. Manke, R. Taylor, M. Paetkau and D.B. (Don) Keele, Jr. Implementation of a Dipole Constant Directivity Circular-Arc Array
Preprint of a paper presented at the 143rd Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, New York, Oct. 2017.
Delaying Room Reflections: Constraints on Room Size and Loudspeaker Placement
A draft of some work on the geometry of sound reflections in rooms.
S.R. Taylor and S.A. Campbell. Approximating Chaotic Saddles for Delay Differential Equations. 2007.
Preprint of some recent work on numerical analysis of transient chaos in DDEs, published in Phys. Rev. E.
Probabilistic Properties of Delay Differential Equations. 2004.
Full text of my PhD thesis.
Chaotic transport through the solar system
Slides from a talk I gave a few times in 2006. Also my first experiment with Prosper.
Consonance and Dissonance
Slides from a talk I gave on mathematics and music in 2010.
Calculus of Variations
Slides from a talk I gave in 2007.
Implementation of a genetic algorithm for scheduling optimization. I've contributed some code to this project and used it to optimize the course schedule at Okanagan College and the job rotations in the laboratory at Royal Inland Hospital.
R Project for Statistical Computing
"R" is a high-level scripting language for numerical and graphical work, somewhat like Octave or Matlab. It's free and open source. All the images shown here were made with the help of R.


A collection of LADSPA plugins for active loudspeaker crossover and eq.


Miscellaneous Images
My research often leads to interesting images. Some of these are my takes on well-known examples; some are my originals. Click the thumbnails for details and (mostly inadequate) explanations.
Basins of attraction for a magnetic pendulum
Some nice images of basins of attraction for a 3D pendulum suspended over magnets.
Strange attractor for a periodically forced pendulum
A classic. More fractal images and psychedelic animations.
Newton's Method
Fractals show up when Newton's method is used to find complex roots of a polynomial. Another classic.
Basins of attraction for delay differential equations
I've found transient chaos and fractal basins in some delay differential equations. Pretty pictures.

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An extensive mathematical reference. I use this a lot.
The open free encyclopedia. Related articles on dynamical systems, chaos and ergodic theory.
My operating system of choice.