A LaTeX class for typesetting theses at TRU

Using LaTeX to typeset your thesis has many advantages: automatic handling of cross-references to figures, tables, page numbers, equations, bibliography, etc; bibliography management; consistent formatting; professional-quality typesetting; and much more than I have space to write about here. As a writer's tool LaTeX gains a lot of power by separating the form of your document from its content: you concentrate on what you write and its logical arrangement, not what it looks like.

I've implemented a LaTeX document class that sets up the page formatting and provides some convenient features for typesetting a TRU undergraduate thesis. To the best of my knowledge and abilities, the formatting provided is consistent with TRU requirements. Please let me know if I've got something wrong.

You'll want everything here (I've provided a zip archive so you can download everything at once). At a minimum, put truthesis.cls and LogoHbwTRU.eps in the folder that contains your thesis, so that LaTeX can find them.

truthesis.zip zip archive containing all the files listed here
truthesis.cls the LaTeX class file itself
LogoHbwTRU.eps TRU logo in encapsulated postscript format
LogoHbwTRU.pdf TRU logo in PDF format (for use with pdflatex)
documentation.pdf detailed instructions for using truthesis.cls
truthesis_example.tex an example thesis (I suggest using this as a template to start from)