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Michael Ondaatje Primary Bibliography
Updated: 3 October 2001

Ondaatje Links

         Random House Ondaatje Pages

  • The U.S. publisher's guide to Ondaatje's work, including some background information and an audio excerpt from Anil's Ghost.

         Singapore Ondaatje Pages

  • Caution: The links are currently down.  Discussion and background information on Ondaatje's poetry and fiction, mainly from a postcolonial perspective.  Part of the Contemporary Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature in English website.  Please let me know if the hyperlinks on this page work, since there appears to be a number of very potentially useful essays on them.

         CBC Writers & Company Interview on Anil's Ghost

  • Eleanor Wachtel's interview with Ondaatje about his recently published new novel in May 2000.  From the CBC Infoculture web site.

         2000 Interview -- Michael Ondaatje's Cubist Civil War

  • An interview conducted by Dave Weich of Powells.com during Ondaatje's appearance at the Portland Arts &  Lectures Series on May 23, 2000.

Brick: A Literary Journal Note: New URL!

  • Information on the literary journal edited by Michael Ondaatje and Linda Spalding


Portrait of Michael Ondaatje

  • Norman Allan writes that he has a signed portrait of Ondaatje on his site in the "Gallery" first room, south wall. His main site can be accessed by clicking here .

Index for The English Patient Note: New URL!

  • Lisa Mirabile, a student working on a Master's degree in Library and Information Science, has posted an index to Ondaatje's novel on the web. She reports that she plans "further enhancements in the future, such as information on the indexing of fiction (a rare and peculiar undertaking!)"

You can contact Lisa by e-mail or by snail mail at:
12 Scribner Park
Newton, MA 02166 USA

The Barclay Agency

  • Michael Ondaatje's public appearances are now being handled by the Barclay Agency in Petaluma, California. For further information visit their web site (above) or send e-mail to Stephen Barclay

Christopher Ondaatje Web Site

  • Wolf Braun of Two Shoes Communications in Belleville, Ontario reports that Michael's brother, author and financier Christopher Ondaatje, has an official web site.

Download Miramax trailer

  • This is a 2 minute 25 second trailer for the 1996 film The English Patient. The file is approximately 5.6 megabytes in size and will take considerable time to download.



  • The television advertisement for the film The English Patient. A 14 second clip.


Blackwell's Online Bookshop
Academic Booksellers to the World

  • A good place to order U.K. editions of Ondaatje's works. A cursory search revealed three Ondaatje novels in stock--Coming Through Slaughter, In the Skin of a Lion, and (surprise, surprise!) The English Patient. In addition, Blackwell's has Anthony Minghella's screenplay for The English Patient film in stock currently.


Tribute to The English Patient--Film and Novel

  • One of the best web sites I've seen devoted to Ondaatje's novel and Minghella's film--various pages complete with stills and audio files from the Miramax production. A "must see" in my opinion. Thanks to Maryann Mpvisniewski.

A New Page on The English Patient

  • Visit a new site devoted exclusively to Ondaatje's novel The English Patient and the film it inspired; includes some nice photographs and a couple of newly updated .RA files including the famous "Promise me you won't leave" line.

Internet Book Shop: The English Patient

  • The U.K. Internet Book Shop is offering a special price on Ondaatje's suddenly internationally famous novel.


Essays on Canadian Writing

  • The table of contents of the special issue on Michael Ondaatje
  • See Marilyn Jones's review of this issue below


Article on The Collected Works of Billy the Kid

  • Lydia Eugene's article on The Collected Works


Salt Lake Tribune

  • Article on Ondaatje

Ondaatje Appearance

  • Rochester Institute of Technology report on an Ondaatje appearance

Biography of Michael Ondaatje

  • ECW page announcing publication of Ed Jewinski's biography, Express Yourself Beautifully

Salon Magazine

  • December 1996 interview with Michael Ondaatje


Lee Glidewell's Ondaatje Page

  • An Ondaatje page under construction with a bibliography and links.


InterVue Review

  • A review of the film based on The English Patient


Vintage Books Reading Group Guide

  • A reading group guide to The English Patient provided by Ondaatje's U.S. publishers


Canadian Encyclopedia

  • Canadian Encyclopedia's entry on Michael Ondaatje


Famous Canadians

  • Biographical note on Ondaatje on Famous Canadians web site


Malaspina Great Books

  • Malaspina College web page devoted to Ondaatje

Medicine in Literature

  • New York University's Medicine in the Humanities web pages dealing with Ondaatje's work

University of Windsor Jazz

  • Page dealing with jazz elements in Ondaatje's work, particularly Coming Through Slaughter

Medicine in Literature--The English Patient

  • Another NYU page on the Medicine in Humanities site, discussing blindness in The English Patient

Review of ECW Special Issue on Ondaatje

  • Marilyn Jones's review published in Canadian Review of Comparative Literature, March 1995.


The English Patient

  • Janet Maslin's N.Y. Times' review of the film version of the novel


Miramax -- The English Patient

  • Miramax's pages devoted to the film version of the novel


Alliance -- The English Patient

  • Alliance Releasing's pages devoted to the film version of the novel


Random House -- The English Patient

  • Random House announces the publication of a new edition of the novel with a tie-in to the film version.

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