Dr. Musfiq Rahman
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Thompson Rivers University

dr.musfiq rahman

Dr. Musfiq Rahman

Associate Professor

Department of Computing Science
Thompson Rivers University

805 TRU Way
Kamloops BC V2C 0C8

E-mail: mrahman@tru.ca

Website: http://faculty.tru.ca/mrahman/

Tel: +1-250-371-5957
Fax: +1-250-371-5675


My research interests are mainly in the areas of security in emerging wireless networks, such as wireless sensor networks, body area networks, RFID networks, NFC, etc. Specifically, the thrust has been the following:

(a) Vulnerability identification in WiFi, WiMAX, ad hoc wireless, RFID, sensor and smartphone networks;

(b) Key management protocols and access control protocols for resource constraint networks;

(c) Identification of vulnerabilities and security issues in cloud computing;

(d) Reliability and QoS issues in wireless ad hoc networks;

Recently, I have explored the vulnerabilities, security issues and applications of RFID systems, NFC-enabled smartphones and smart home using sensor networks and obtained preliminary results.

Department of Computing Science | 805 TRU Way | Kamloops, BC | V2C 0C8 | Canada