Alexa Fraser
Alexa Fraser
Project (BSc): How fast and how far do marine snails travel, and what microhabitats do they use?
Chloe MacLean
Chloe MacLean
Project (BSc): Why do two closely related hermit crab species use very different shell sizes? Costs and benefits of shell size used by hermit crab species.

Shannon Mendt Shannon Mendt
Project (MSc): Role of energy reserves in controlling mortality and physiological tolerance limits to environmental stressors during the early benthic phase of marine invertebrates
Ravinder SappalRavinder Sappal
Project (Postdoctoral fellow): Nutritional value of mysid shrimp for the growth, development and reproduction of hatchery-reared salmonids

Austin Pietramala
Project (technician): Nutritional value of mysid shrimp for the growth, development and reproduction of hatchery-reared salmonids
Brianna IwabuchiBrianna Iwabuchi
Project (MSc): Local adaptation to climate variation among marine invertebrate populations.
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Mae FrankMae Frank
Project (BSc): Microplastics in marine invertebrate filter-feeders
Kyley DrachKyley Drach
Project (BSc): Effects of wind speed and topography on the distribution of pond invertebrate dormant stages in Lac du Bois Grasslands Ecological Reserve
Hilary HamiltonHil Hamilton
Project (MSc): Interspecific variation in physiological tolerance during the early benthic phase of
marine invertebrates.
Winner of the 2018 Governor General's Gold Medal - Graduate Studies

Lauren ZinkLauren Zink
Project (BSc): Effects of light wavelengths experienced during juvenile life on eye development and morphometrics in the crayfish Procambarus patzcuranesis
Ainslie McLeodAinslie McLeod
Project (BSc): Dispersal and movements of intertidal invertebrates.
Samantha SandeeSamantha Sandee
Project (BSc): Role of microbial infections in early benthic phase mortality of marine invertebrates.
Rolena de Bruyn
Project (BSc):  Prevalence of ontogenetic changes in colour brightness among benthic invertebrates and their association with microhabitat shifts.
Brittany Jenewein
Project (MSc):  Role of weather conditions in controlling early juvenile mortality of intertidal marine invertebrates.
Priya Parekh
Project (BSc)
:  Historical frequency of wind dispersal events and role of topography in the dispersal of anostracan cysts in a semi-arid environment.

Christine Hansen
Project (MSc):  Restoring endangered northern abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana) populations in British Columbia, Canada, using hatchery-raised individuals.
Nicole Straughan
Project (BSc):  Ontogenetic changes in shell preferences and resource partitioning by the hermit crabs Pagurus hirsutiusculus and P. granosimanus.

Travis Nielsen
Project (BSc):  Can a scavenger benefit from environmental stress? Role of salinity stress and abundance of preferred food items in controlling population abundance of the snail Lirabuccinum dirum.

Brittany Jenewein
Project (BSc):  Effects of seasonality on the patterns of trematode parasitism in Planorbella trivolvis and two amphibian hosts.

Amy Bos
Project (BSc):  Influence of abiotic and biotic factors of the ecology of the marine polychaete tubeworm, Serpula columbiana.

Michelle Lloyd

Project (BSc): 
Role of maternal provisioning in controlling interpopulation variation in hatching size in the marine snail
Nucella ostrina.

Project (BSc):  Seasonal variation in abiotic conditions and species composition of saline ponds of the B.C. interior.
Lisa Jones
Project (BSc):  Effects of solar radiation on barnacle settlement, early post-settlement mortality and community development in the intertidal zone.

Amanda Matton
Project (BSc):  Do marine invertebrate larvae settle on biofilms that have been exposed to ultraviolet radiation (UVR)?

Lachlan McLean
Project (BSc):  Pond invertebrate “seed banks”: effect of pond salinity on the species composition of dormant stages in pond sediments of the Lac du Bois area of British Columbia.

Rodrigo Almeda
Project (PhD):  Feeding rates and abundance of marine invertebrate planktonic larvae under harmful algal bloom conditions off Vancouver Island.

Amber Messmer
Project (BSc):  Effect of wave exposure on genetic variation among populations of the marine snail Nucella ostrina.

Ashley Bernauer
Project (BSc):  Effects of chemical and physical factors of pond water on aquatic macroinvertebrate diversity in the Thompson region of British Columbia.

Renata Rehak
Project (BSc):  Initial juvenile size and environmental severity: influence of predation and wave exposure on hatching size in Nucella ostrina.

Carey Holmes
Project (BSc):  Distribution and dispersal of dormant stages of rotifers inhabiting saline ponds of the B.C. interior.

Allison Griffiths
Project (MSc):  Ontogenetic shift in susceptibility to predators in juvenile northern abalone, Haliotis kamtschatkana.

Eric Bottos
Project (BSc):  Microbial diversity of alkaline ponds of the B.C. interior.

Leah Bunney
Project (BSc):  Effects of solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR) on the recruitment of benthic marine invertebrates.

Carla Gibbons
Project (BSc):  Influence of wave exposure and hatching size on egg capsule morphology in Nucella ostrina.

Murray Borthwick
Project (BSc):  Effect of temperature and algal composition on larval development in the tubeworm Serpula columbiana.
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