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Research interests: Marine invertebrate ecology, population ecology, early life history

My research focuses primarily on the ecology of the early juvenile stage of marine invertebrates such as snails, barnacles, abalone, mussels, bryozoans, tubeworms, crabs, and ascidians.  Although Thorson had identified the early juvenile period as a potentially critical stage of life as far back as 1966, very few other studies examined the ecology of early juveniles until the late 1980s.  Since then, however, juvenile invertebrates have been the object of increasing interest among both fundamental and applied researchers (e.g. fisheries and aquaculture).  We now know that Type III survivorship is widespread, and perhaps even universal, among benthic marine invertebrates: mortality levels exceeding 90% during the first 1-4 months of juvenile life are common (Gosselin & Qian 1997).  Such high mortality rates are expected to exert a considerable influence on the dynamics, distribution, and evolution of populations.  We don't know much, however, about the factors responsible for juvenile mortality, of how these selective pressures have shaped the evolution of the species, or the extent to which juvenile mortality influences population abundance and structure.
Invertebrate developmentResearch in my lab explores all aspects of early juvenile ecology.  Much of our current work aims to understand why populations of benthic invertebrates vary broadly in abundance, over time and from one location to another.  I'm particularly interested in determining to what extent the early juvenile stage is responsible for these variations in abundance, and in incorporating knowledge of early juvenile ecology into the management of natural populations of invertebrate species.  Finally, I'm interested in identifying and ranking early juvenile mortality factors, such as starvation, predation, and abiotic stresses such as climate conditions in terms of their impact as selective pressures, and to discover the adaptive significance of early juvenile and life history traits.


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