Evolution of Animal Body Plans    
 BIOL 2290     Winter 2021
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Note to students: For Winter 2021, all information regarding lectures and laboratories in Evolution of Animal Body Plans will be delivered through Moodle.
Awesome animals in the news
What caused the Cambrian Explosion? (video)
And the longest-lived vertebrate is... a shark that lives over 400 years
The ultimate astronauts: Tardigrades in space!
The rise of the incredible edible insect
Mutant mosquitos that resist infection by malaria
Massively migrating Monarchs!  (or "why did the butterfly cross the continent"?)
Cycliophora: a new animal phylum and... the most bizarre life story on earth?
Inverts that thrive without oxygen and... without mitochondria
Coconut crab: why is the world's largest terrestrial arthopod at risk?
Solar-powered sea slug uses stolen plant genes
Live giant squid caught on camera!
Ice worms, studied by NASA!
Elephantiasis: cause and remedies
Nobel prize awarded for studies of glowing "jellyfish"

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