Subfamily Formicinae

This is the dominant Subfamily in the central-interior of British Columbia in both species richness and abundance. Whereas colonies within the Subfamily Myrmicinae are typically small and usually inconspicuous, members of this sub-family commonly exist in large colonies and are abundant above ground foragers. Nests include large soil mounds (e.g. Formica fusca), large thatched nests (e.g. Formica obscuripes), large pieces of woody debris (e.g. Camponotus herculeanus), as well as less conspicuous sites.

Six genera of this Subfamily are known in the central-interior of British Columbia. These include:

Acanthomyops spp.

Brachymyrmex depilis

Camponotus spp.

Formica spp.

Lasius spp.

Polyergus breviceps

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