Subfamily Dolichoderinae


In the central interior of British Columbia the only species within the Subfamily Dolichoderinae found to date is Tapinoma sessile. These are small ants that appear to fall into two distinct size ranges in our samples. The smaller morph averages 2.75mm in length while the larger averages 3.5 mm in body length.

They are found in almost every habitat sampled from closed canopy old growth Douglas-fir forests to open grasslands. They can be collected from woody debris, under rocks, cow feces, or directly within the soil. Colonies tend to swarm when disturbed, quickly covering a hand, but are too small to bite effectively. This species is also a common household pest.

One other species, within this Subfamily, Liometopum apiculatum, has been found in southern British Columbia. This sub-family is species rich and usually dominant in warmer climates

Tapinoma sessile


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