CDCI-15 Computational Intelligence Algorithms for Industrial and Design Engineering Problems

Organized by Mohamed Tawhid and Vimal Savsani

The use of Computational Intelligence techniques like Genetic algorithm, Particle swarm optimization, Differential Evolution, Artificial bee colony optimization, Teaching learning based optimization, Cuckoo search etc., have expand its importance for numerous engineering applications and it is considered as an important tool in the engineering field.

Scope and Topics:

The aim of this special session is to reproduce the most current move on of Computational Intelligence techniques for different engineering applications to improve the overall design of the systems. This session is targeted to provide a common platform for the researchers and experts to interact and share their knowledge to take advantage of such techniques in the engineering field. Topics of interest may include, but are not limited to the following highlights:
  • Problems faced in the engineering field.

  • Introduction to different Computational techniques.

  • Design of algorithms.

  • Application of algorithms to different mechanical, electrical, civil and industrial problems.

  • Performance assessment of the algorithms.

  • Development of effective techniques.

  • Multi-objective optimization and its application to different engineering problems.