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Site last updated 28Sept2015; Photo by Sarah McArthur

Sept 2015 - Welcome to the new BEAC lab members Kile McKenna (M.Sc.), Erin Slade (Directed Studies) and welcome back to all the BEAC lab veterans!

Sept 2015 - Andrew Pillar’s geolocator/stable isotope paper on Bullock’s Orioles just published in Journal of Ornithology!

July 2015 - Dean Evans just had his first paper published in the Journal of Ornithology on using behavioural video analysis software to automate analysis of nestling provisioning rates - woohoo!

July, 2015 - A huge congratulations to Jackson Kusack, winner of an SCO Student Presentation award at the AFO/SCO-SOC/WOS conference!

July, 2015 - Great work Sarah McArthur, Jackson Kusack, and Dean Evans, who all presented their research at the AFO/SCO-SOC/WOS conference in Wolfville Nova Scotia.

April, 2015 - Great work Jackson Kusack on being awarded a CUEF UREAP award!

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Dr. Matt Reudink
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