Web Sites - Similar sites to your site, re: similar business nature

  1. http://www.dogacademy.ca/
  2. http://www.mybalanceddog.com/
  3. http://tlcpetresort.com/

Web Sites - Downloadable Sites

  1. http://google.com/webfonts - Google web fonts has a bunch of fonts that you can download or link to, to use on your website
  2. http://galleria.io - Galleria is a free JavaScript program that you can download to display images on your webpage, which I did on the photos pages
  3. http://freestockphotos.com/ - A website that provides stock photos that you do not need to pay for

Web Sites - Technical Information

  1. http://www.w3schools.com/ - W3Schools provides a comprehensive coverage of almost anything to do with web design
  2. http://stackoverflow.com/- A great website where you can ask a question and other users will provide answers. It is very generally about programming, but it also includes web design.
  3. http://www.javascriptkit.com/ - A JavaScript reference site, which includes many common JavaScript functions

HTML5 Minimum Requirements Features

  1. Implement HTML5 structural elements
  2. Use of anchor references
  3. Links to appropriate resources, additional info ... pertaining to your web site.
  4. Use of hotspots, image maps or bookmarks to skip to a location on a given page, as well as to another page on your site
  5. Insert inline images and line breaks
  6. Mark page headings, paragraphs, blockquotes and addresses
  7. Create ordered, unordered and description lists
  8. Insert special characters from extended character sets
  9. Implement metadata element

Cascading Style Sheets Minimum Requirements Features

  1. Create inline, embedded and external styles
  2. Use cascading style sheets to format the appearance of paragraphs, lists and headers, background images
  3. Use pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements
  4. Define document content with the class and id properties and create styles for them
  5. Mark document content with the < div> and < span> tags and create styles for them
  6. Use cascading styles to control page layout by using float attribute and positioning
  7. Use contextual selectors
  8. Install a Web Font

Web Form Required Features

  1. Use of all form elements on a web form, include appropriate form buttons
  2. Apply appropriate styles to Web Forms
  3. Validate form data using the required attribute
  4. Apply inline form validation by using the focus pseudo-class to appropriate form elements.

Multimedia Minimum Required Features

  1. Use of < object> tag to enhance a web page with sound and video.

JavaScript Minimum Required Features

  1. Use of variable, subroutines, functions, array, conditional statements, conditional operators
  2. Display system date on the home page of the web site
  3. Validating form input by using appropriate JavaScript functions

Web Site Documentation

  1. Front page (with names of team members, title, date)
  2. A paragraph entailing the business statement in about 100 words.
  3. The project objectives and a project description clearly and precisely stated.
  4. Include a site map/schematic diagram of the entire web project with dependency tree supported with documentation of application flow and functionality that is clear, precise and concise.
  5. Explain how the user may access the specific web site and application. (You MUST create a "Read Me First" text file to be placed outside your root folder.
  6. Explain how the business or the organization would benefit from this web site creation.
  7. Any other relevant documentation pertaining to your site.

Demonstration Evaluation Form

  1. You are required to prepare an evaluation form that would be suitable for personnel of the Company to complete.