MAY 15-27
Next Meeting is on TRU Campus
Friday, February 11 at 4:30 in AE 204


Founded in Spring 2005, Philosophy in the Aegean is an expedition to ancient sites in Aegean Turkey.

Trips to the ruins are augmented with talks and discussions of the Ancient philosophers and writers that once called these cities home. More than simply a field trip, Philosophy in the Aegean fosters the spirit of conviviality and inspiration in the lands that gave birth to philosophy. The ghosts of the minds that have captured the imagination of civilization itself still haunt these ruins, and we are happy to have the opportunity to walk there with them. 

The base for our 2011 journey will the town of Selcuk,Turkey, but some of our excursions will require accommodation in other Turkish towns near the sites. A tentative itinerary for our 2011 trip can be found in the Links section.


The  expedition is now  part of Thompson Rivers University's Philosophy 490, a Three Credit Field School Course at TRU. You need not be enrolled at TRU or be enrolled in PHIL 490 in order to take part in the trip, however.

PHIL 490 is an introduction to the ideas of the ancient Greek philosophers that inhabited Asia Minor through intensive classroom study and a two week field trip to Aegean Turkey. The course spans the history of Greek philosophy from its earliest beginnings to the Hellenistic period. Topics include, but are not limited to, the Milesian philosophers in the 6th Century BCE, Heraclitus in the 5th, Aristotle in the 3rd, Galen and Alexander in the Second Century CE. 

This Field School offers an in depth look at ancient Greek philosophy in Asia Minor.  Classes at TRU will be followed by lectures in ancient sites in Turkey in the last 2 weeks of May. In addition to knowledge of Greek philosophy, students will obtain knowledge of the ancient Aegean from cultural, geographical, architectural and religious points of view.  

This course has two parts. The first is an intensive in class seminar on Greek philosophy at TRU with a focus on the philosophers from the cities to be visited in Aegean Turkey.  The in-class sessions will provide the background necessary for students to appreciate and participate in the on-site discussions to take place in the second part. The second part consists of a two week field trip to ancient sites in Aegean Turkey, where students will be exposed to geographical, architectural, historical and cultural aspects of ancient Greece and modern Turkey.

TRU Students:

Credit Course Option $1500 CDN*
Non-Credit course Option $1100 CDN*

Non-TRU Students:
Non-Credit Course Option $1600 CDN*

Dr. Geoff Bowe
Philosophy, History and Politics
Thompson Rivers University
Kamloops, BC
Canada V2B 7R7


  Next Meeting is on TRU Campus
Friday, February11 at 5:00 in AE 204


*Participants are responsible for their own airfare to Izmir, Turkey.

At Izmir you will be met by organizers who will arrange for your passage to Selcuk, our base. From Selcuk
we will embark on a number of day trips, as well as longer overnight trips throughout the course of the expedition.

Included in the trip fee are the following:

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Transportation to and from sites
Site entrance fees
Heraclitus symposium dinner with local dishes and wine.
Aegean Boat Trip

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2011 Itinerary

PHIL 490 Syllabus

Power Point Presentation for Jan 14, 2011 Meeting


brochure from 2009



Geoff Bowe

Menu for our
Heraclitus Symposium, May 25,  2009 8-12 pm:

Şarap tadımı (Wine tasting)
Peynirli salata (Salad with cheese)
Serpme zeytinyağlı deniz börülcesi (Local herb with olive oil)
Serpme turpotu (Local herb with olive oil)
Serpme şirince meze (Appetizer with yogurt)
Serpme keşkek (A chicken dish made with pureed wheat)
½ gözleme (Pancake with cheese&spinach)
El açma börek (Baked pastry filled with cheese&spinach)
Fesleğenli tavuk (Chicken with mushroom,corn,basil,creamsauce)
Cevizli kabak tatlısı (Pumpkin with syrup and walnut)
Köy ekmeği (Village bread)
Limitsiz yerli içki (Unlimited local drinks)

mapmap by Dr. Ross Nelson