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"One Hot (Latin) Band"

We are a Kamloops-based primarily Latin ensemble.

Cindy (L) & Nela (R) at TRUly United Kick Off at Thompson Rivers University, Oct. 19, 2015

We are:

Nela Mora, lead vocals, percussion (incl. Cajon), guitar (right)

Cindy Friedman, keyboard, vocals

"Caliente" is a Kamloops-based group, a truly eclectic mix of people and talents, playing Latin favourites, original compositions, sing-along pop, and good old rock 'n roll --  all with a healthy dose of harmony.

Nela is the lead vocalist, and also delivers rousing percussion. The other core member is Cindy (keyboards and vocals).

Nela, a Latina from Cuba, has been living in Canada for over 15 years, and was the lead singer for a renowned Latin band in Halifax.

Cindy is from Winnipeg, and has been playing piano since the age of 3.

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"Caliente Kamloops":


Brief Bios:
Nela - Nela is a Latina from Cuba, and has been in Canada since 1997.   She was the lead singer for a renowned Latin band in Halifax, where she somehow also found the time to complete her Ph.D. in computational chemistry.  She is now a Full Professor at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) in Kamloops, BC, although her lifelong passion remains music and singing.  She is broadening her talents, and now plays a mean nylon-string guitar.  Nela is a powerful frontwoman for the band, and can keep the audience mesmerized throughout an entire show.  

Cindy - Cindy is from Winnipeg, where she was involved with music throughout her entire life ever since she picked out the "Meow Mix" song on a piano at the age of 3.  She has played and recorded with several Winnipeg-based bands of many styles and in various capacities as keyboardest, lead singer, songwriter, and sax player.  She had never tried Latin music before Caliente.  She is also a Full Professor in Biological Sciences at TRU. 


Special thanks to our recording engineer, Patrick Walton.