Cynthia (Cindy) Marie Ross Friedman, PhD, FRSA
Professor (Full)
Department of Biological Sciences
Thompson Rivers University (TRU)


Cynthia Ross Friedman
Department of Biological Sciences
Thompson Rivers University (TRU)
900 McGill Road
Kamloops, BC
V2C 0C8

Office: S348 (Science)

phone: (250) 828-5424
fax: (250) 828-5450 (attn. C. Ross Friedman)



My research is in the area of plant anatomy, particularly seed development, although I also have expertise and have published in the fields of forest and urban ecology, microscopy, mathematical biology, and physics (kinematics and electromagnetism).  I primarily study the reproductive development of the dwarf mistletoe Arceuthobium americanum, a parasitic flowering plant belonging to the Santalaceae, the same family as the Christmas Mistletoe.  All mistletoes are parasites, and in the interior of  B.C., A. americanum parasitizes lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta var. latifolia).   Mistletoes derive all of their water and mineral nutrients from their host.  Dwarf mistletoes, however, also obtain some sugars from their host. Being a pathogen, A. americanum inflicts disease on the host pines, stunting the trees and increasing mortality.  Using the techniques of light, fluorescence, and electron microscopy, my students and I have elucidated stages of female development in A. americanum.  


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I really, really like teaching.  What else can I say?  The students here at Thompson Rivers University are great!
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Cynthia Ross Friedman
Department of Biological Sciences
Thompson Rivers University (TRU)
900 McGill Road
Kamloops, BC
V2C 0C8

phone: (250) 828-5424
fax: (250) 828-5450 (attn. C. Ross)

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